Hide Twitter app icon from the dock

This solution has been tested on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4.

It’s really quite simple. Change plist value of LSUIElement from FALSE to TRUE, and that’s it.

Here’s how: first off, in the twitter’s General settings make sure Menu Icon is NOT disabled (any other option is fine). Now quit the app.

0. Right click on the twitter app, select Show Package Contents. and make a copy of Contents/Info.plist on your desktop so you can edit it.

1. a) If you have Xcode, just double click the info.plist. Now find the entry that says Application is agent(UIElement) and change the NO to a YES.

1. b) if you don’t have xcode, you’ll need to convert it to readable format first: in terminal, navigate to that file and convert it to xml:

cd ~/Desktop

plutil -convert xml1 ./Info.plist

now exit terminal and open Info.plist in any texteditor. Find the line that says


the next line should say <false/> change that to <true/>
2. Now copy the Info.plist back into the Contents folder, when it asks, enter the password and click overwrite.
3. This is the crucial step: move the Twitter.app from /Applications folder to the deskop, and then back into /Applications
That’s it! now you should have just the menu bar icon showing and the dock icon hidden.
p.s. from what I’ve discovered, the same technique can be used to hide any app from dock. However you need to make sure it has either menu bar icon or some other way of communicating – you won’t be able to cmd+tab into it.

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