Displaying calendar on your Mac desktop

This is a very simple way to get calendar displayed on your OSX desktop (Tested on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) ).

First, download GeekTool (you can find an archived version 3.1.1 here)
Extract, run, select Shell from the icons and drag it to your desktop (anywhere you want), a Properties window will appear.

In the Command box, type

cal `date | awk ‘{print $6}’`

you may have to play around with the number a bit to get it to work properly (for some people $4 or $3 works instead of $6).
It works best when the font is fixed width (such as courier or monaco). Play around with colours/font sizes to see what fits you best.

And that’s it! you now have a full year’s worth of calendar displayed on your desktop. You can also change the command to show only one month or multiple months.

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